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My poems

Oh my best friend
---Shas morenzo
alias shashwat

together forever,
no matter how long,
we'll battle till the end of time,
you forget never,
my hearts wonerful song,
n sing it in a beautiful rhyme.

you bring the best out of mine
my greatest friend so are thine

when all false did step out
thy true friend did linger about

o friend oh listen you,
we'll go where our dreams come true
but stay together---
just like all times we went thro,

tough bond
If some thing goes wrong someday,
though there are problems on my way,
Oh you please do be with me
Problems come problems go.
good and bad make their show.
little things do not matter much
Oh my best friend.

Laurels one laurels two
laurels three laurels four,
still i much do carve for more,

Oh my best friend.

the ladder of success you know
is too long for me to climb
oh my friend I need your help
I'll sing the song you put the rhyme
will that be fine ?

when you do pass by me
you just turn back and see
you will find that I am too
starring at you

Oh my best friend.

I am proud to announce that on 4th October 2005,
I won the Second prize at the National Science
Seminar held at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai.
In this competition I had to give a 6 minute presentation
on the topic-A century of Physics--Achievements and challenges
followed by a viva round with the judges.

I don't have too many new
things on my Web site besides
my drawings, but my uncles have
lots of new stuff, as he is a
exporter of spices.
VISIT "www.indianchilly.com"

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